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Getting a pup from Von Steinhausen is one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I wanted a Rottweiler with specific drives and decided to import.  I am extremely picky when choosing a breeder and have a very strict set of ethics I look for.  Melissa was recommended to me and from our first conversations, I knew she was the breeder for me.  She spent hours talking to me to make sure I was the right owner for one of her precious pups, listened to what I wanted, knew each puppy's character and was totally honest about each pup in the litter to enable me to make the right choice.  Melissa couldn't have been more helpful, guided me through the minefield of importing and always ensured I had photo and video updates regularly.  Gerda arrived in brilliant condition, well socialised and already house trained.  Gerda is living proof of the love and work Melissa puts into her pups, so much so she breezed through her KC Good Citizen awards in record time.  I am so happy with Gerda, she is exactly what I wanted and epitomises all that a Rottweiler should be.  I have owned Rottweilers for 30 years now and Melissa gave me (and continues to do so) the best puppy buying experience I have ever had. She is a top class breeder who really cares about her dogs and the breed, I can't recommend her highly enough.
Alison from Volsung Rottweilers


Not Just One But Two
I had the pick of the litter. After we saw Shaka, my wife and I decided that we needed another. We were lucky that Sheba became available! Two beautiful, well tempered dogs that are a tribute to their breeder. The dogs are all that Melissa said they would be. After a very long search, I could not have chosen a better breeder. If you are looking for great, family oriented Rottweiler Melissa is the breeder to call. Thank You For Everything.. 
Reviewer: Horace, September 1, 2012


Angus puppy from first litter. orange boy
I have Angus from first litter (orange boy). Angus is our first dog from a breeder. And I was a little worried about buying from a breeder. But after meeting Melissa, and her letting us visit her home. We got to see Ketty pregnant, And see that she was a pet in the home and not an outside dog. We bought Angus as a pet. He is a laid back dog. And is very smart and plays well with my 2yr old,and other dog. I will use Mellisa again in the future. 
Reviewer: kimberly, September 8, 2012



My puppy Ashley
When i went to buy my rotty at steinhausen rottweilers i feel like im home and i knew the breeder (ms mellisa)for long time .the puppy me and my wife pick its a female (ashley von steinhausen)since first day at our house ashley it was a happy puppy now she s 15 weeks and shes 25 lbs.So people i have a very good experience with this breeder. Thank you Mellisa for such a beautyfull ,healty and smart puppy. thank you!!!! 
Reviewer: Paul, September 1, 2012



Hope for us
We have lost two of our beautiful rotties to cancer due to poor gentics and bloodlines. We really took our time and did our homework which led us to Steinhausen Rottweilers,they truely stand by what they say, Bella, is a goregous HEALTHY addition to our family,we are very happy with the whole experince and would recommend them. 
Reviewer: Shirley, October 3, 2012



Best experience ever
My husband and I searched long and hard for a new addition to our family. We did not know who to trust with our experience and if people would take advantage of us since we are out of state. So one day we came across Melissa and her kennel and we instantly fell in love. She is very honest and open. Through the long process of conception and the eight week layover until we were able to bring him home she was always willin to talk with us and answer any questions. When the puppy's were born she sent photos and videos. She always made it easy on us. She is very professional and to this day I still ask her questions and she answers me back immediately. We luv Buster who was one of the males in the B litter and he fits right in. He is our family and we luv him to death and we thank Melissa for that. Buy with confidence. Choose vonstehaussen!! 
Reviewer: Whitney, November 25, 2012



Double Trouble
We got not just one but two puppies from the "B" litter. They were raised in a loving environment. We were welcomed to visit anytime. The temperament of these dogs is remarkable. They are loving, friendly and very funny. We would definitely buy another rottweiler from von Steinhausen Rottweilers in the future. They were great additions to our family. Melissa is very knowledgeable about breeding and raising rottweilers. She is also very helpful if you have any questions. 
Reviewer: April, December 26, 2012



Highly Recommend

Our experience with Melissa was nothing but a pleasure, she is very knowledgeable about the breed and offers great advise. I recently picked up our new addition, and noticed the temperament of all the other dogs at her home. They were very calm and respectful of strangers, that says alot. She provided regular updates and weekly pictures, we would highly recommend.        Reviewer: Ericka, July 29, 2013




I recently purchased a puppy from Melissa from Steinhausen Rottweilers and had a great experience. I definitely recommend her for anybody who is looking for a Rottweiler. Once we committed to buy the puppy and gave Melissa a deposit, she was in contact with us a few times each week keeping us in the loop with pictures and keeping us updated on the puppies progress. I have bought puppies from breeders in the past but none as caring and with such great communication as Melissa. The quality of her dogs is superior to any I have seen. I could not be happier with the whole experience. Our puppy has a great temperament and is a great addition to our family. I almost can't wait to get another one.
Reviewer: Jim, August 4, 2013



Wonderful buying experience!

When my husband decided he wanted a Rottie puppy to join our family we did a lot if research on the breed and breeders out there. We have two young children and three older/middle aged dogs along with horses. It was important to us to find a breeder who doesn't just breed to make money but who follows the breed standards and breeds dogs with great personalities. When we found Melissa we felt comfortable instantly. Not only are her dogs beautiful and healthy, they are also raised to be family members. She is very fast to answer any questions in detail and help you get to know your future puppy from a distance (we live in SD). When 'Halas' (brown boy from the C litter) arrived after a day long plane trip he was everything and more than we could have wished for. A beautiful, smart puppy with a good mind and a big heart! We are looking forward to watching him grow into his new life with us. Thanks for everything, Melissa! 
Reviewer: Marie, August 4, 2013



Gray Boy 

As first time puppy buyers, I don't think we could have found a better breeder. Melissa made the whole process wonderful. From the beginning Melissa answered every question and still continues to be there with advice. Not only did Melissa send pictures and videos, but she also welcomed us to her home to visit the puppies once they were old enough. We are extremely happy with our puppy and can't wait to visit Melissa and Blu for our play date
Reviewer: Kristen, August 8, 2013



Very knowledgeable and caring!

When it was time to buy my puppy, I was not only a first time Rottie owner, but also a first time dog owner. I did my research and chose Steinhausen Rottweilers because of the quality of the dogs, as well as, the professionalism and very open personality of Melissa. She answered all my questions and you could tell how much she loved her dogs and wanted them to end up in great homes! She has been fantastic after my purchase too. I've sent her so many e-mails asking questions and her responses are always thorough and prompt. In fact, from reading the contract one signs with Steinhausen Rottweilers, it's clear that this line of communication is not just available, but in fact is necessary to keep them informed on the dog's major updates (health, temperament, breeding plans, competitions, shows, etc.) Every interaction I've had reinforces idea that Melissa truly cares about every Rottie having a wonderful life and every Rottie owner getting a beautiful, healthy, and loving pup! 
Reviewer: Juan, September 30, 2013



Grey Boy DD Litter (Co-owned Litter)

When we decided to look into finding the perfect puppy for our home, we looked through pages of listings for Rottweiler puppies and we were not impressed by a lot of the breeders that we read up on. After finding Melissa, we were instantly intrigued by her informational website, and her compassion for what she does shines through in every conversation we have had from day one. Melissa also takes the time to do personality tests with each puppy from her litters to insure that you are placed with the perfect match for your home. We would recommend Von Steinhausen Rottweilers to anyone and everyone who is interested in purchasing a quality, healthy, loving Rottweiler. We could not be happier with our little guy! 

Reviewer: Erica, October 2, 2013   



Romulus aka brown boy

I usually don't leave reviews because I'm not good at it but I feel people need to know about Melissa and Von Steinhausen Rottweilers and what a great breeder she is. I did have a hiccup with the litter I left a deposit on but that that was not any fault of Melissa's and she did offer me multiple options on what I wanted to do. She is great in keeping in touch with you and providing weekly updates on your pup and pics. You can really tell she cares about her dogs and is not some backyard breeder. I got Romulus 2 weeks ago and and he is great with people I have introduced him to, he was wall behaved at the vet and got a clean bill of health. all the lady's there fell in love with him and can't believe how friendly and good looking he is. If your thinking about getting a rottweiler don't hesitate to contact Melissa she loves talking about her dogs and cares for them and it shows.

Reviewer: Ralph, May 29, 2014   



An Excellent Experience

We had recently lost our second Rottie and decided we wanted to fill that deep hole in our hearts. We have a renowned Rottie breeder near our home in New York State as well as other local breeders but upon seeing Von Steinhausen's wonderful website and speaking with the owner Melissa, we felt right about choosing them. Melissa regularly provided us with photos as well as videos as the puppies grew. She was always available if we had questions of any kind and her response was and still is immediate. She wanted to ensure we were a real part of the puppies growing until we could pick our puppy up at eight weeks. It was very apparent that she loves all of her dogs and puppies.We are still in contact with Melissa as we now share photos with her as our puppy grows and are looking forward to sharing his experiences with her throughout his life. We are so happy that we chose Von Steinhausen Rottweilers, would highly recommend them to anyone.

Reviewer: Cindy, August 3, 2014



D litter

I searched for almost 2 years for a Rottweiler breeder that was not a puppy mill, kept dogs inside with a family, truly loved the breed, and would talk to me like a person not a sale. It came down to only three people inside the US. With two little ones and a yorkie already I had to make sure I knew what type of dog I was getting. After talking to each one, Melissa was the only one that actually took the time to explain everything that she does and made sure that my family and I had the right puppy. She always returned my phone calls, e-mails, text messages and Facebook messages. She keeps you more informed about how the pups are doing than any other breeder I have seen. It was like new parents (I know because I have a 2 and 3 year old) sharing their pics on Facebook daily. She makes sure her breed will have the classic Rottie look. When we are not out and about he loves to play with my kids. There is no question that I would recommend this breeder to everyone.

Reviewer: Shawn, August 13, 2014




A breeder who truly cares

We hit jackpot with Steinhausen. We got Zeus green boy E litter I believe. He is super healthy and growing strong and big. Decided to hold off on review until he grew. Hes six months old now and weighs 60lbs. Hes an amazing dog with lots of character. Melissa is also amazing. She is very caring and protective over her fur babies. We always send her pictures and updates. She loves all her dogs no matter what age. She takes pride in all her litters. You can guarantee these puppies will be well cared for and loved by her. She is very responsive if you have any concerns or questions at any stage of the game. We think Steinhausen is great!

Reviewer: Laura, November 14, 2014  





My Fiance and I have been searching for the perfect addition to our family, Just when you thought you found a good breeder, they were a puppy mill! We came across Steinhausen Rottweilers and Melissa was AMAZING! We just recently purchased our new baby and through the first 8 weeks, we got pictures and/or videos EVERYDAY, it truly felt like we had her that whole time! She is growing so quick and is perfectly healthy and loving her new home! She is our whole world, we couldn't have asked for more!! so, If your looking for a puppy, spend a little more and go see Melissa, remember: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

Reviewer: Dana, January 7, 2015  

Memphis from G litter:

My husband and I searched long and hard for a Rottweiler puppy.  We wanted a certain look as well as quality and traits. Anything from great bloodlines, health guarantees, big head,large, loyal, loving, brave, protective, assertive, great temperament and most of all a trustworthy reputable breeder. That's when we found Melissa. From day one that we contacted Melissa she was very informative, we established a great connection with her, no matter how many questions we had, Melissa was always so quick to respond and very insightful. Through the 8 weeks of our little guys life, she was a great breed mentor. Always sent us weekly photos of our boy Memphis, always stayed in contact with us, even after the 8 weeks we still communicate. What we loved the most was how passionate Melissa was with all of the puppies. I recommend Melissa 100% to anyone looking for a Rottweiler puppy, just take a look at her references. She breeds from the bottom of her heart unlike other breeders who do it for money or back to back & she doesn't dock tails which is amazing.  We couldn't be more happy with our male Rottweiler Memphis. He is truly larger than life, with an amazing personality, very laid back, loving, brave, protective, fearless, his willingness to learn is impeccable. He truly has brought so much happiness to us. Everything we wanted in a Rottweiler! Memphis is from the G litter, he just approached 9 months old, and weighs 100lbs. His beautiful features come from his parents Bronx and Wendy. If you are looking for a reputable, family oriented, top class breeder call Melissa @ Von Steinhausen, you won't regret it ! I know we didn't :)

Reviewer: Kristina, January 12, 2017  

Our Dog Zeus:

I got Zeus from the G litter, since the very first day he was a very well socialized puppy and very outgoing, he likes everyone and everyone likes him. He is now 9 months old and him and my 2 year old son are best friends, they love playing together and he is very good to my son. He is a very strong male with strong features, we always get compliments from neighbors when we go for walks. I would definitely recommend von Steinhausen to anyone looking for a Rottweiler from a reputable and responsible breeder. Melissa often asks about him and it shows that she cares about all of her puppies. Thank you for a great dog!

Reviewer: Matthew, January 18, 2017


This is our third rottweiler and our first one from Von Steinhausen! Rex has been an outstanding addition to our family and three young children all under 5 years old.He is a handsome and playful boy who relishes his "human brothers and sister" and is a gentle giant while keeping a watchful eye over our farm. I cannot say enough about Von Steinhausen as we still chat as much as before we got Rex. Our continued weekly dialogue should be a comforting sign to all prospective fur families! 

Reviewer: Jordan, March 17, 2018

My Second Steinhausen Dog:

I now have my second Steinhausen dog and wouldn’t go anywhere else, Melissa is the best breeder I have had the fortune to go to in over 30 years of owning Rottweilers.

Melissa puts in an immense amount of time to studying lines to ensure the best possible dogs in construction and temperament.  Pups are extremely well socialised prior to going to their new homes and training is a breeze (both of mine achieving all their KC Good Citizen Awards at under 9 months of age and various obedience awards).  Her dogs are truly to the breed blueprint and both my Rottweilers have exceeded my expectations, one of which is a Pets as Therapy dog my young male destined to follow in her paws.  The level of backup Melissa gives is outstanding, she always stays in touch, interested in every part of their development and always on hand for advice.  Being in the UK, both of mine came to me at 16 weeks of age due to import restrictions but were extremely well socialised and house trained, on arrival they were in immaculate condition and fitted straight into our family.   

I am so proud to be the owner of two wonderful dogs from the best breeder, for anyone looking for a Rottweiler or French Bulldog, go to Steinhausen, you will not be disappointed and it will be the best decision you make.

Reviewer: Alison, April 29, 2019

Mark from Pennsylvania:

About 3 weeks ago i brought home our puppy Freya, she is beautiful well-behaved extremely intelligent female who learns very quickly and has been a constant source of pleasure since we brought her home. Melissa is quite knowledgeable about Rottweilers but what most strikes me about her is her interest in the puppies even after they have left her house. She has been available for texts and calls with questions i've had regarding our new puppy! very impressed that she has such an interest even years into being placed in their new homes. essentially we have a very healthy addition to the family now and i certainly plan to keep Melissa up to date regarding the puppy's progress as the years go on.

Reviewer: Mark, June 8, 2020


This is the first puppy I purchased from Von Steinhausen Rottweiler. I was very pleased with the entire process from puppy birth to puppy pickup. Melissa was very proactive in keeping me updated on the puppy's development and with pictures and videos. The puppy adapted to our new environment very quickly and learned basic obedience almost instantly. At the puppy's first vet visit, he was found to be in perfect health and weight. The quality of her dogs are by far the best I seen. I give Von Steinhausen Rottweiler a 5 star rating and would definitely buy my next puppy from them with out question.

Reviewer: Juan, June 10, 2020

Roxy from the J litter: 

My kids were asking for a puppy for over a year. So when my wife and I felt they were old enough we decided to surprise them. At 1st we weren't sure which breed would suit our family best. So after lots of research we narrowed it down to the rottweiler. Being that this was a huge responsibility and commitment we wanted to make sure we got the puppy from a reputable breeder. Online we found Von Steinhausen Rotts. After brief back and forth emails with Melissa she sent a questionnaire. This impressed me because that shows how dedicated she is to finding the absolute best home for her puppies. Once the questionnaire was filled out, the next day she called me. Before she approved us she wanted to speak to me and had some other questions. I really appreciated the process so I knew this was the breeder for us. After giving a deposit, we scheduled a day to meet the puppies and to choose which one we wanted. My kids played with all the puppies and met the mother and the other dogs on the property. We chose a beautiful girl who we named Roxy. Today Roxy is 15 weeks old. She is unbelievably beautiful, strong, protective and I'd say the most intelligent dog I've had. Melissa has been available whenever we had questions. I'd never get another puppy from anyone else.

Reviewer: The Sorrenti's, June 20, 2020



Another Rottweiler breeder referred me to Melissa, and I’m so grateful we connected. From our first conversation, it was clear that her top priority is the dogs finding the best homes possible. She’s up front about her approach and ins and outs of the contract. She volunteered her vet’s contact info and offered to provide others’ to ensure we were comfortable with proceeding. I deeply appreciate that she seeks feedback on the puppies’ health and temperament - she’s passionate about bringing healthy and happy Rottweilers into the world. She was very communicative and responsive in the days leading up to getting our pup, and we’ve continued to stay in touch and swap updates. Our guy is lovely in every way, and we can’t imagine life without him. Thank you, Melissa!

Reviewer: Katie & Josh, June 25, 2020


I had just lost my first "baby girl" Gia to cancer and was devastated and heartbroken, Melissa's name came HIGHLY recommended by someone in a Rottweiler Facebook group I had joined.

It was so important to me that i did get my next rottweiler from a reputable breeder and that is exactly what Melissa is and so much more. Upon reaching out to her she got back to me right away we talked on the phone for a while answering any and every question i had, after i filled out her questionnaire which you can tell just from that that she cares i was anxiously waiting until i heard if i was going to be chosen to take home one of her puppies. That call came and its now been a little over two months and Kaia our rottweiler puppy we got from Melissa is the most beautiful fun loving funny spunky playful puppy. She is a complete joy! Melissa socializes the puppies and are treated as her family until you can pick them up and it shows as Kaia is wonderful around all people of all ages already and has such a great temperament and personality. I still ask Melissa questions and she gets right back to me wanting to know about Kaia and see pictures she truly cares and i cannot thank her enough for choosing my husband and i to take one of her puppies home and be a part of our family. 

Reviewer: Victoria and Robert Cavanaugh, July 1, 2020

Paul from NH

I'd like to say this was one awesome experience for getting a new best friend. They truly work very hard to keep their dogs and puppies in the best health possible. very well trained dogs and very friendly. they go the extra mile to pick the best puppy suitable for your home. i have to say my new boy is amazing. full of spunk and a joy to be around. hes also very good about going to the bathroom outside majority of the time for 8 weeks it is great. he brings smile to anyone that meets him. If i were you and your looking for a awesome rotti. I highly recommend these amazing people.

Reviewer: Paul S. January 26, 2021

Dennis from New York - European Import pup "EURO"

Hi everyone out there everyone tirelessly looking for a quality Rottweiler! First I would like to say that I have never written a review for anything in my life. Let me start with Melissa as a human being. She has restored my faith in there actually being a good honest person left in the world. I’m not a big fan of people in general! I just met her and already consider her a friend and that says a lot believe me. I have been looking for a Rottweiler for a year and spoken to many breeders and most of them don’t even ask you any questions about what you want the dog for or where you are going to keep him. Some also have s serious attitudes like you would be lucky just to get one of there dogs. Melissa's dogs are kept in her home which is beautiful and clean. Yesterday I went to pick up my European import from her. I have never seen Rottweilers like these in my life! Big blocky heads, muscular body’s and the deep mahogany markings are to die for!!! And the temperaments on the dogs are flawless. I never thought that I would own such an amazing Rottweiler. He is big and beautiful and sweet as pie!! This is my dream dog!! He slept the whole night through and goes to the door when he needs to go out. I honestly would have signed her contract with my eyes closed! I could talk about Melissa and her dogs all day long! In closing be prepared to be interviewed by this amazing woman and if you are lucky enough to receive one of her dogs please be thankful. Melissa and her breeding program will not disappoint! Please respect her she is a wonderful person and my new friend. Thank you Melissa and your beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Dennis B. February 22, 2021


All we could have hoped for

If you are looking for an exceptional breed, from an exceptional breeder who truly cares about each and every puppy under her care, look no further.  Melissa raises each puppy as though they were going to be her own. Any questions I had were addressed immediately, and the transparency of her business practices built a trust between her and our family from the very beginning.  Her family selection process, the contract, the socialization, the in home care she gives the puppies is all geared toward the betterment of the beautiful animals she breeds.  We picked our wonderful Hecate (Miss Orange from M litter) up in the middle of January and we couldn't be happier with the addition to our family.  Anyone lucky enough to get a puppy from Von Steinhausen is getting an animal of such beauty and excellence that it will amaze you.  Don't hesitate to drop her a message if you are looking for a Rottie.  You won't be sorry.

Reviewer: Curtis B. March 5,2021

ENZO, red boy from the 'M' Litter

After my previous boy passed, I spent months looking for the perfect breeder for my families next Rottweiler puppy. I came across Miss Aska’s pictures and just fell in love with her. When I first spoke to Melissa, I just knew. It clicked. She answered every single question and quite literally made herself available to us for questions 24/7. Which during our journey of speaking with breeders, this was just unheard of. Most breeders have a “my dogs are the best... you’d be so lucky to get on our list” mentality and never answered a single question unless you put a deposit down first. I think I had taken up hours upon hours, possibly even days/weeks of Melissa’s time before signing a contract and putting a deposit down. I knew in my heart she was going to be our breeder. We waited a bit and even at one point we’re unsure if we would be bringing home a puppy and Melissa gave us the option of a full refund on our deposit, but never once was that an option for me. Regardless of how long it took, I knew Melissa would be breeding our next puppy. She continued to make herself available, answering any and all questions even during a difficult litter. The day we went to see our sweet boy, I instantly fell in love. Melissa picked our boy for us and I was weary of that decision, but put my trust in her that she knew me and my family well enough and knew her dogs better than anyone to make that decision. Melissa could not have possibly chosen a better fit for our family. Our “red boy” became Enzo and quite honestly is just a dream boy. He is so mild, the sweetest temperament, learns so easily and has the best manners. He just knows how to behave in every situation he’s been in. If he’s needed correcting, it’s a once and done thing. He has been in the best health so far, at 20 weeks old, even starting off with a lack of mother’s milk. Melissa had to bottle feed these sweet pups and quite honestly became their mom. Enzo grows leaps and bounds each week and we would not be where we are today without Melissa’s commitment to her dogs. Without hesitation, I would never go anywhere else for our next puppy. Hands down, breeders don’t get any better than Melissa and her puppies are what you dream of. You don’t get that by chance. It takes years of dedication to get where Melissa is and the puppies she produces.

Reviewer: Nacole G. April 19, 2021

WILLOW- Teal girl from the N litter

I wanna thank Melissa for my beautiful fur baby. She told me it would be a wait to get her. I thank her for allowing me comfort in doing business with someone I've never met. She answered any questions I had before Willow was born and before I brought my baby home and she is still here with support afterwards. Everything straight forward, never made me uncomfortable and my Willow is such a good pup with an awesome temperament. It shows in her the love and care she received from Melissa and her family. Willow was excited to meet my grandson. I'm so grateful for that. She is going to be an awesome family dog/ my service dog. Thank you Melissa for giving me this opportunity to always have a friend by my side. You and Miss Aska may she R.I.P 

Reviewer: Donna K. August 4, 2021

Ivy “Pinky Pie”

I feel so fortunate that we found Von Steinhausen Rottweilers.  My husband and I were on a search for another rottie and happened to come across Melissa’s webpage and fell in love with her dogs and her breeding program immediately.  After the initial phone interview, I felt so confident picking a puppy from her.  She communicated with us, sent us weekly updates and provided us with all the information we needed to be prepared to bring our new babe home.  Thank you again Melissa, we are so blessed!!

Reviewer: Kaitlin C. August 31, 2021


Hi Melissa, just wanted to send you a huge thank you, not just for our perfect little puppy but for your honest, professional and caring demeanor. You are an amazing breeder, you obviously care so much about every single puppy and Mom and Dad that you have. We were so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you and your lovely family. You all made us feel so welcome and comfortable in your home. Our vet told us that our puppy is perfect and that we did a good job finding you! I am so glad that you came so highly recommended to us and even more excited that we were able to get a puppy from your litter. Thank you from the whole family for Smoak. We love her and can’t wait to see her grow!

Reviewer: Sandra & Jason V. September 13, 2021

Black collar boy - Hippi's Litter

Thank you Melissa for all you do with your breeding program. It was a pleasure to meet you and your family, furry ones included. After losing our Rottie of 11+ yrs we really wanted another. We were looking awhile to find a qualified Breeder that showed true compassion for this breed and followed good breeding practices. We were so excited once we found your website, and once I spoke with you I had no doubt you would be the right person to raise our next family member.  I love how completely involved you are in making sure the parents and pups are cared for top notch.  Raising them in your home with your daughter helps prepare them for their future homes. I also loved that you kept in contact throughout the first few weeks of the puppies lives along with pictures that melt your heart. My vet complimented on the quality of pups you are breeding and how great of a temperament he has.We have our boy a little over 2 weeks now and absolutely adore him. We are very grateful and blessed to have him in our lives.

Reviewer: Dana H. September 14, 2021

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